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PondMaster Deep Water Air Pump

PondMaster Deep Water Air Pump


The Pondmaster Deep Water Air Pump has been designed to satisfy the aeration requirements of most pond owners. Simply attach the needed length of tubing (not included) to the output of the pump. Next, attach the other end of tubing to the plastic diffuser using the metal clamps. Attach a weight to the diffuser, such as a rock, or use another anchoring device to keep diffuser at the bottom of the pond to increase circulation and overall pond health. This unit is designed for use outdoors and continuous 24/7 operation.

Model Output Max. Water Depth Noise Level Tubing Size Item #
AP-40 2900 cu in/min 10' 40 dba 5/8" i.d. Z0338
AP-60 5500 cu in/mn 9.6' 45 dba 3/4" i.d. 9507585
AP-100 9150 cu in/min 11.5' 45 dba 3/4" i.d. IQ765
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