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Aquarium Air Equipment

While your fish live under water, they still need proper levels of dissolved oxygen in the water to ensure survival. Preparing your air equipment will usually begin with an air pump, then airline tubing, which can be split with an air valve splitter, and then finally to your air stone or bubbler. Injecting air into your fish tank this way will help keep a healthy oxygen level in the water and help to keep your aquarium happy for years to come.

Bubble-Wall Aquarium Wand 100

Bubble-Wall Aquarium Wand

Fine Bubbler
Pros: Produces fine bubbles,moves water nicely.
Cons: Don't bubble well if covered with gravel,not easy to hide.
I get these at my LFS,and run them after moon lights come on.They produce a nice fine stream of bubbles the whole length of the bubbler and move the water around very good.If you don't mind being able...