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Aquarium Fish Acclimation

Whether you order fish online or buy aquarium fish in a store, you need to properly acclimate your new fish to your aquarium before putting him in your aquarium. Acclimating fish consists of slowly getting the water your new fish is in to be the same temperature, and eventually the same water condition, as the water in your aquarium. This ensures a smooth and comfortable introduction for your new fish. You can use an aquarium acclimation system to help with the acclimation process. Just remember - no water from the shipping bag should ever enter your aquarium.

Aquarium Acclimation System 100

Aquarium Acclimation System

wonderful product
Pros: can slowly acclimate a fish to the temperature of the water AND the perimeters at the same time without worrying about the bag tipping over
Cons: none
I bought this to acclimate new fish to my 90 gallon tank as recommended by a friend. I do not know what I would do without it now, you can set the speed of the drip to drops every few seconds to a tr...