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Dog Anxiety & Calming Products

Dogs can get anxious during certain times, such as thunderstorms or fireworks or when separated from you. In these situations, where your dog might be shaking or drooling uncontrollably, dog calming products containing pheromones can help your dog relax to his normal self. You can find different products for dog anxiety relief. Pheromone calming collars for dogs, Quiet Moments Calming Aid soft chews, diffusers or sprays with DAP, anxiety relief drops, or pheromone wipes are all products that can help your dog relax.

Thundershirt for Dogs 100

Thundershirt for Dogs

Works well with our young Doberman.
Pros: Easy to use, he likes to wear it, helps to make him pull less on walks.
Cons: No color variety that I know of.
We got the Thundershirt from the Thundershirt website, but I will give a review on here It works wonderfully. At first we were skeptical of it but Thundershirt offered it with a full money-back gua...