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Anti-Parasite Pond Medication

When unwanted parasitic organisms infest the pond, anti-parasite medication is needed for treatment. A common parasite is “white spot” or “Ick” and is seen as specs on fins & body of Koi. Highly infectious, Ick should be treated as soon as possible. Other common parasites are gill flukes or anchor worms. Flukes & Ick cause pond fish to breathe rapidly & stay at the surface. Anchor worms are transparent, and the fish may not immediately show symptoms. The first sign of anchor worms is an infection where the parasite was attached. Treatment involves dosing the pond for 7-14 days with anti-parasite medication.

Metro+ Medication 100

Metro+ Medication

I have had problems with hole in the head in my fish off and on for many years. My blood parrots are very susceptible to it. This is the only med. I have ever used that actually cleared up the lesio...