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Anti-Fungus Pond Medication

A common ailment of pond Koi & Goldfish is a fungal infection, which is not immediately deadly, but, if left untreated, can result in the death of the pond fish. This is an opportunistic disease & usually starts with a small scrape or an open bacterial wound on the fish. The fungal infection first attacks dead tissue in a wound & spreads to healthy tissue, especially on fish gills & fins. Most anti-fungus treatments are liquid “water bath” solutions added to the pond daily/weekly. Since the fungus is often associated with a secondary bacterial infection, most treatments will fight bacterial diseases.

Pond Melafix 100

Pond Melafix

I always keep this on hand
Must have, along with Primafix, for spring care of pond fish. It works wonders for stressed fish when the pond comes alive in the spring.