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Vita Sol Liquid Multi-Vitamins for Hamsters & Gerbils

Vita Sol Liquid Multi-Vitamins for Hamsters & Gerbils

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This high potency daily liquid supplement is a water soluble multivitamin concentrate which supplies important vitamins essential for the proper growth and maintenance of your hamster or gerbil. Simply add it directly to your pet's drinking water.

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Smelly, but works :)
Does the trick, helps hamsters
Stinks, hamsters do not like well
Well first off my hamsters need vitamins just as well as anyone else's so this is why I chose a long time ago to put vitamins in their water. But the formula really stinks to humans and is messy when not wiped clean off the counter, so I quit using it for a few months. My hamsters liked their water much better and was drinking alot more without it in their water. So then I started back up the formula so they can get the vitamins they need, but what I did is lowered the dose. I only put one to two drops in a bottle instead of more like it says to. It helps to shake it up when you fill it half way then continue to fill it up to full. Oh and I might add that pet solutions sent me the wrong one, they sent me the one for rabbits and guinea pigs one time. Haven't used that bottle yet, but it looks and smells the same and has the same ingriedients. So I hope it helps.
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