Medium Vision Pet Bird CagesMedium Vision Pet Bird Cages - Replacement Roof AssemblyMedium Vision Bird Cages Single Height (M01) 24" x 15" x 20"Medium Vision Bird Cages Tall (M02) 24" x 15" x 34 1/2"Medium Vision Bird Cages Stand 22" x 13 1/2" x 30 3/4"Medium Vision Bird Cages Cage Paper 23" x 13" 2 pack
  • Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages
  • Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages - Replacement Roof Assembly
  • Medium Vision Bird Cages Single Height (M01) 24" x 15" x 20"
  • Medium Vision Bird Cages Tall (M02) 24" x 15" x 34 1/2"
  • Medium Vision Bird Cages Stand 22" x 13 1/2" x 30 3/4"
  • Medium Vision Bird Cages Cage Paper 23" x 13" 2 pack
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Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages

Description Item Number Price Quantity
Single Height (M01) 24" x 15" x 20"
83250 080605832503
Tall (M02) 24" x 15" x 34 1/2"
Available for Backorder.
Expected on 10/6/2014
83255 080605832558
Cage Paper 23" x 13" 2 pack
3 or more: $5.49
P-5756 080605802735
Replacement Roof Assembly
Available for Backorder.
83512 015561835121


The perfect blend of design and function, these Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages meet the needs of both you and your pet bird. These MediumVision Pet Bird Cages are available in single and tall models. Single Height cages include two green perches, and Tall cages have four perches. Each bird cage has two seed/water cups.

  • Debris Guard helps retain waste inside cage.
  • Cage detaches from base for fast easy maintenance
  • Exterior access to seed/water cubs and perches
  • Multi-grip perch surface promotes circulation and helps prevent foot problems
  • Carrying handles on bottom allow for easy movement
  • Doors pivot inwards providing birds with a 90 degree landing pad.
  • Easy assembly, no tools required.
  • 3/8" bar spacing

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Customer Reviews for Medium Vision Pet Bird Cages
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Best cage for easy cleaning, keeps seeds inside cage!
Cleans easily, keeps debris inside of cage, love this cage!
Love this cage, great for lovebirds, finches, canaries. I have three of them and need to purchase one more for my lovebirds. They love to sit on the top when out, no more dirty seed and water from droppings, has covers, easiest cage to maintain, still plenty of room for toys, etc.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Recommended: Yes
Sharon V.

Great Bird Cages for your Finches
Easy to clean and prevents a mess outside the cage
Need to cut out paper on bottom of pan.
I have to types of cages for my finches. One I am cleaning the floor everyday with the vision cage maybe once a month. Well constructed cages. Recommend HIGHLY.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes
Long Island, NY

Love These Cages!
Great for parakeets.
Lovebirds can chew up the food and water dishes.
I own 2 of these cages with two parakeets in each. They keep most of the mess in and are easy to clean. I would not recommend them for lovebirds though. My Lilly chewed up the food and water dishes.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Erlanger, KY

Medium Vision Cage
Lightweight, Birds move around easily, Tough, Easy to fill food trays, Beautiful Cage, Easy To Clean, Fits Anywhere, Fun, Easy to carry, Spacious, Easy Assembly, Durable
I love this cage. So nice looking. Easy to put together, Roomy. I have it in my living room and the seed mess does not come out. My Parrotlets love their vision cages. It is so easy to feed and water them with no mess. Easy to clean the bottom tray leaving the birds in and just lifting the top off the bottom. The best cage I have every owned in every way....
Experience with Product: Long-Time Bird Owner
Recommended: Yes
Ashtabula, Ohio

THIS CAGE IS AMAZING. I love that I can sit their birdbath in the bottom of the cage and they can bathe with out soaking my walls. The bottom clear portion also allows me to watch them eat and bathe which I really enjoy. I own many of these cages. In one of my medium cages I keep two canaries and they are quite happy, singing and hopping around. I have three canaries happy in a large vision cage. In my other medium vision cage I have 7 society finches, they have two nests and plenty of room to fly. [*] guards are easy to remove, clean and they do their job well. I think it cleans easily, my only fear is cracking the plastic base, for example if i take it out to spray with the hose I would suggest an old towel to protect the plastic from being abraded on driveways.It does feel flimsy at first however, if you are reasonably conscious of what you are doing you should have no issue. Best example for this would be stacking. Most "all metal" cages can be stacked and piled, dropped and rolled...with this cage I would proceed with caution. I purchased all of my cages at different times and have been pleased with all of them. My birds are very happy too. I would recommend this cage to anyone, especially those of us who hate messes.
Experience with Product: Long-Time Bird Owner
Recommended: Yes
Bloomington, IN

Much Less Mess!
Less Mess, Spacious
Hard To Clean
I love the Vision Bird Cage products. Since moving some of my birds to a Vision cage I find myself picking up less seed from the floor which has made life much easier. The cage is also much more modern looking and is an upgrade to the "standard" cage. Cleaning can be a pain because there are a lot of parts, but I rather clean the cage than my floor every night.
Experience with Product: Long-Time Bird Owner
Recommended: Yes
Jersey City, NJ

great cage
Easy To Clean, Fun, Spacious, Tough, Safe, Lightweight
this is a great cage. it got suggested to me from a friend who has one. i got the m02 and wouldnt trade it for anything in the world. my parakeet has so much room in it and loves flying around in there. yes there is actually room for them to fly a bit. i was sold once i found out that the metal under the powder coating is SAFE for our birds. other cages cant claim that.i love the fact that there is no pull out tray because the trays tend to be smaller than the cage and poop gets everywhere and is a pain to clean. both me and sophia love this cage. there is not an inch of it that is not used
Experience with Product: Long-Time Bird Owner
Recommended: Yes
braceville, il

Best cage ever
Lightweight, Tough, Fits Anywhere, Fun, Spacious, Easy To Clean, Keeps floor cleaner
This is the best cage for messy parakeets. keeps all seeds and feathers inside. and it's easy to clean. My birds are happy too. I wouldn't want any other cage for them.
Experience with Product: Long-Time Bird Owner
Recommended: Yes
Apple Valley, Ca

Great cage!
Lightweight, Spacious, Easy Assembly
We bought this cage for our parakeet and it is the perfect size. He can fly around and have plenty of perches or toys to entertain him. One thing I didn't like at first is we have to lift the cage off the base to clean the bottom. Our young budgie was still very scared and would go crazy every time we tried to lift the top off the base, but now that he's used to it, he just sits quietly while we lift. When he becomes tamer and is allowed free flight, the door perches will be useful. We trained him to find the food bowls on the bottom by slowly lowering the millet spray (his favorite) until it rested in the bottom food bowl. I love the shield because it really does keep the mess to a minimum.
Experience with Product: New to Birds
Recommended: Yes

Easy To Clean, Spacious, Light and airy
I think this cage has a well thought out design. My canaries (2) enjoy bathing and the water stays in the cage, as does the bird seed. Yes, I have to take the top off to clean the tray. But it is so EASY to do!. Less than ten minutes--and that includes filling their dishes and relining the bottom with paper--and it is back together. Much better than trying to clean up the mess in a slide tray style cage where half the litter is underneath the tray. I like the 'airy' appearance of the cage. My birds seem perkier in this cage than in their other more traditional style cage. I have had no difficulty with the cage coming apart. But I did have to have my son put it together. I was not lining up where it was supposed to snap together correctly. I guess I don't do picture directions very well. But the cage-put together correctly-- is sound and sturdy. I highly recommend this cage!!!!
Experience with Product: Long-Time Bird Owner
Recommended: Yes
Pavilion, NY

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