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Pet Care Corner

  • Pond Fever
    Pond Fever
    Most of the US has suffered through a brutal and long winter, and, as soon as we got a few nice sunny days in the mid 50-60’s, everyone started to get spring fever. For those of us with ponds, we get the more specialized pond fever.
  • Help Your Pond Cycle for the New Season
    Help Your Pond Cycle for the New Season
    When Spring comes and it's time to turn on all your pond equipment again, your pond has to go through a cycle before the water will be completely safe for your fish. This cycle is similar to the one that your pond went through when you first installed it.
  • Spring Pond Revival Tips
    Spring Pond Revival Tips
    Ideally, we did our best to clean out the pond at the end of the last season, but there will probably still be some muck and dead leaves in the pond.
  • Koi Food: A Basic Primer
    Koi Food: A Basic Primer
    In an attempt to provide the best in nutrition for our Koi, the hobbyist has access to many different types of foods that meet specific requirements for the fish.
  • PondCare AlgaeFix: Control Your Pond Algae
    PondCare AlgaeFix: Control Your Pond Algae
    A treatment in the forefront to control algae is AlgaeFix from Pondcare Labs. It was produced to kill nuisance algae while being safe for any fish, plants or wildlife that might come into contact with the product.
  • Pond Aquascaping
    Pond Aquascaping
    Given the scale of most ponds, the aquascaping is usually more of setting up focal points to draw in the eye and emphasize a particular feature.