Pond Anti-Algae BlockPond Anti-Algae Block 4 block pack
  • Pond Anti-Algae Block
  • Pond Anti-Algae Block 4 block pack
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Pond Anti-Algae Block

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4 Pack
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Tetra Pond Anti-Algae Block is a form of highly effective algaecide. These time-released, slowly dissolving anti-algae blocks clear pond water and help remove slime from sides and bottom. Use 1 Pond Anti-Algae Block per 250 gallons. Not recommended for use with plants.

Directions: Use 1 block for water volumes between 100 and 250 gallons (380L-950L). Initial dose may require 1 black for each 100 gallons. For regular maintenance, replace block when fully dissolved (usually after 30 days). Not recommended for use with live plants.

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Pond Block
Works great
This stuff works great I have a 1500 gallon pond and I only use 1 block enough to treat 250 gal. in the spring along with 5. lbs. of salt and it prevents any string algae from forming in my falls. if I see any signs of algae I do a salt test and usually it just needs a couple of more pounds of salt. Clear water for the summer. Oh and I run a 20 watt UV through a partial bypass line but that won't stop string algae.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
United States

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