Quiet Time Pet BedsQuiet Time Pet Beds Ivory 48" x 30"
  • Quiet Time Pet Beds
  • Quiet Time Pet Beds Ivory 48" x 30"
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Quiet Time Pet Beds

Mid West 9.99 Ivory 22" x 13" 2774022240222027773004868Ivory 24" x 18" 2774022440224027773004875Ivory 30" x 21" 2774023040230027773004882Ivory 36" x 23" 2774023640236027773004899Ivory 42" x 26" 2774024240242027773004905Ivory 48" x 30" 2774024840248027773004912
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9.99 InStock Pets > Dogs > Houses
Ivory 22" x 13"
14.99 InStock Pets > Dogs > Houses
Ivory 24" x 18"
21.99 InStock Pets > Dogs > Houses
Ivory 30" x 21"
27.99 InStock Pets > Dogs > Houses
Ivory 36" x 23"
33.99 InStock Pets > Dogs > Houses
Ivory 42" x 26"
39.99 InStock Pets > Dogs > Houses
Ivory 48" x 30"


Comfortable plush fur beds keep pets cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Cushioned poly/cotton base with polyester-filled bolsters. Ideal for use in crates, carriers, dog house, vehicles, or anywhere your dog likes to rest. Completely machine washable. Your choice of gray, ivory, or cinnamon in 6 different sizes.

22" x 13"
24" x 18"
30" x 21"
36" x 23"
42" x 26"
48" x 30"

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LOVE these~ Got a house full of them
lots of sizes, wash well, made well, simple, fit in crates, many more
they only come in WHITE ~ impractical color!
These used to come in a lovely plush charcoal, and a cinnamon color ~ both great for our three shelties! White just looks filthy in a few minutes. Even though they wash beautifully, who needs THAT much work? And the dog doesn't care if there's some muddy paw print under its butt! Also, some dogs actually don't like the fake sheepskin pile either. So that is my only "regret".... Color notwithstanding, they really are the best bed in the business. They are sturdy; don't take up more room than the dog needs, have the nice little pillow that the shelties, especially, like. For the older dog we just put a little extra cush under the one in her crate, otherwise we have them here there and elsewhere in the house on top of the carpet and they trade them like musical beds. They are also fabulous for traveling ~ just roll it like a bedroll and flip it out on the motel floor ~ doggies know these are their "places" (two in crates, one on one of these beds) Other than wishing they still came in my two fav colors, I think these are the most practical beds made. they don't slip around in the crates, there is a size that pretty well matches all the crate sizes, and the young ones don't seem to want to tear them up... which while it may be cute, gets old, and expensive...LOL Enjoy!
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Pacific Northwest

Great bed
Comfortable For Pet, Soft
My puppies love it :) I put them on it and they immediately went to sleep I don't regret buying it at all
Experience with Product: Long-time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Puerto Rico

Good Value!
Easy To Clean, Long Lasting, Soft, Comfortable For Pet
Got one of these several months ago--and are still using it! Wears great and easy to remove from the crate for washing.
Experience with Product: Long-time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Portland, OR

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