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Cuddle Cube Dog Bed

Description In Stock Item Number Price Quantity
Medium Mocha
7511 655199075119 Pets > Dogs > Houses
Medium Gray
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Large Gray
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The Cuddle Cube is the perfect bed for dogs that love to nest! It is made with 12" of thick, warm berber with a premium polyfil inside that allows your dog to comfortably sink into and relax. Each cube features a non-slip fabric on the bottom of the bed to prevent it from moving and a zippered cover that easily removes to be machine washed and cared for.

*Polyfil is made from recycled bottles.

Size Dimensions
Small 24" x 24"
Medium 28" x 28"
Large 32" x 32"

Customer Reviews for Cuddle Cube Dog Bed
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My Dogs LOVE these
Very comfortable, washable, good size
Sheds a little on the dry in the dryer, even on low setting
After moving I got three of these for my pups. They are awesome! Each dog has claimed one. The padding is deep so when the dog lays down the sides support like a pillow for the head and shoulders, which my dogs need with their aged bones. They stay warm in these beds with the 20 degree weather. They are washable in a normal machine and dryer friendly (I recommend air dry instead of low). Overall great product!!
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes
Lavon, Tx

Good, but not great!
soft, washable
amount of stuffing
Obviously the only thing that matters is that Mandy loves her new bed. But I have an issue with it, after she lays in it once or twice all the stuffing ends up pushed to sides of the bed. It would be nice if these came with a little more stuffing, possible even a foam bottom. It doesn't seem that great to have such a nice bed and end up practically sleeping on the floor! I noticed several comments about the bed shedding, I haven't noticed this problem but I haven't had the need to wash mine yet hopefully it doesn't occur.
Recommended: Yes

Do manufacturers READ these reviews?
Dog loves it
sheds, gets flat, losing f

Dogs love them but they shed badly
Dogs love them and have washable covers
Continuously shed
Everything is great about these beds except they continuously shed even after dozens of washes. As dogs normally do mine dig before laying down making her little nest. The material is not strong enough to withstand the digging so everytime she gets out there will be clumps of fuzz all over the floor. If the material could be changed I would highly recommend everything else about these beds and so would my little senior girls.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: No
sadly enough

nice comfort for dogs but....
nice dogie bed but this sheds too much I machine wash it and dry but it still sheds. sorry but had to get rid of it.I did gave it a try for a couple of month but still messy material. had to buy something that don't shed as much.sorry but I rate it a 3
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes

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