Fiji Premium Live Rock

Fiji Premium Live Rock

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Fiji Premium 22 lb.
Fiji Premium 45 lb.
Fiji Premium 45 lb.
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Scientific Name: Scleractinia sp.
Ease of Care: Easy
Native Region: Fiji
Lighting Requirements: Moderate
Water Flow: Moderate

Fiji Premium Live Rock is the perfect habitat and form of natural filtration in any saltwater aquarium. The pieces broken free from the reefs surrounding Fiji by storms are collected from the intertidal zone of the island. The Live Rock is then pre-cured under a pressurized sea spray before leaving the island. We then make sure that as soon as the rock enters the United States that it is directed to your door. This Live Rock is considered "semi-cured", but some additional organisms living on the rock may perish during transport. The rapid ocean-to -you time does vary, so actual curing time will also vary.

To ensure the safety and well-being of aquarium inhabitants, Live Rock must be cured again prior to placement in any aquarium that houses fish, corals, or invertebrates.

Live Rock now ships free with second day air.

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