Dwarf Chameleon

Dwarf Chameleon

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Dwarf Chameleon
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Dwarf Chameleons are small leaf-shaped chameleons found in the tropical forests of Africa and Madagascar. They lack the prehensile tail common in chameleons and are often referred to as Stub-tail or Leaf Chameleons. Inhabiting the area close to the forest floor, they are found among low growing bushes, fern fronds, leaves and stumps. Maximum size: 3" Lighting: Full spectrum fluorescent UVB bulbs. Temperature range: Day 73°F - 77° F, Night 63°F - 68° F (Should not exceed 77° F) Food: They should be fed six to ten 2-week-old crickets once or twice a day as a guideline. These lizards are very small and should have an ample supply of small food. It is equally important that their food is coated with calcium/vitamin D3 supplement or they will quickly develop metabolic bone disease. Remove any uneaten crickets after the chameleon is done feeding. We recommend feeding in a separate container without substrate to prevent accidental ingestion of the substrate. Water: These lizards will not drink standing water from a bowl. A drip system or a waterfall is needed to supply their water. It is important to mist the plants and walls of the enclosure at least twice a day to supply water and humidity. Watch for sunken eyes, which are a sign of dehydration, indicating a need for more frequent misting. Housing/Habitat: Specialized screened chameleon enclosures are best for these lizards. The substrate should be a dampened layer of peat moss with orchid, repti-bark or cypress bark added to the surface to hold moisture. The pieces of bark in the top layer should be large enough to prevent ingestion when the lizard is feeding. These lizards need high humidity without excessive dampness. The terrarium must be well landscaped with many thin branches, small plants, bark or cork for climbing and cover.

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