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Grain free dog food closely mimics a dog's ancestral diet. Grain free foods help your dog have a shiny coat, healthy skin, increased energy, fewer stools, and more. If you have a high energy dog, grain free food is highly recommended so your dog can draw on the excess energy. Grain free dog foods do not contain corn, wheat, barley, rice, or any other cereal grains. Instead, the dog food is rich in real meat products and protein to provide well-balanced nutrition with vitamins and minerals. PetSolutions carries popular grain free dog food from name brands like Orijen, Wellness, Blue Buffalo, Taste of the Wild.

taste of the wild salmon

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Grain Free Dog Food with Salmon

Very awesome!
Great for our two dogs. One is a medium active English Foxhound, the other is a VERY active small lab mix. The two of them scarf this stuff down. I've seen an improvement in both of their coats over t...
Wellness Dog Canned Stew
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Orijen Dog Food — Adult Dry Food
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Orijen 6 Fish Dry Dog Food
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Canidae Canned Dog Food On Sale!
Canidae Canned Dog Food
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Orijen Puppy Food — 80/20 Dry Food
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