Proper pH

Proper pH

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8.5 oz. Proper pH 6.5
InStock 17103035 35C 317163030356 Pets > Fish > Water & Plant Care
8.8 oz. Proper pH 7.0
InStock 17103036 36C 317163030363 Pets > Fish > Water & Plant Care
9.2 oz. Proper pH 7.5
InStock 17103037 37C 317163030370 Pets > Fish > Water & Plant Care
7 oz. Proper pH 8.2
InStock 17103039 39C 317163030394 Pets > Fish > Water & Plant Care


Automatically sets pH and adds needed electrolytes. Neutralizes chlorine in tap water, detoxifies heavy metals and contains aloe vera to help heal skin wounds and torn fins. Each container treats over 200 gallons.

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I will buy this product again
Simple To Use, Effective, Accurate Regulation, A fish life saver, Good Value
I sometimes, use the Proper PH 8.2, after I change the water in my marine tank. It quickly adjusts the PH balance. I'm sure my fish and invertebrates appreciate it.
Experience with Product: Casual Fish Keeper
Recommended: No

Puts pH how and where you want it. Does what it says.
Perfectly balances pH and keeps levels stable.
Doesnt work immediately. Takes a higher dosage than recommended sometimes.
Added pH 6.5 to my Ram Cichlid aquarium just after receiving the package to the already cycled tank. Barely lower the ph any from being very high at 8.5 . I did a 75% water exchange to flush the system and cycle just before adding some new fish and added after tank was full and cycled for a few. Brought the pH exactly to 6.5 and has kept it there. Like it says and is made for!!
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes

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