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  • Walk-N-Water Pet Canteen on White Background
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Walk-N-Water Pet Canteen

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Ideal for keeping your dog cool while on long walks or during outdoor play time, the Walk-N-Water Pet Canteen holds up to 1 liter of water, and a plastic bowl unsnaps from the canteen to easily pour water at any time. Includes 52' carry strap. Dishwasher safe. Canteen measures 6" x 9".

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Long time user
I have used a pet canteen like this one for a really long time. Mine is all blue and is an earlier model I believe. It is the easiest way to carry water for your pets while on a walk. Your focus should always be on the dogs first. The water canteen does not distract from that as it is easily carried. The only CON I have is that if you take this to a dog park, some other dog may think it is a frisbee and take off with it. We had fun chasing him down. Yeah mine has teeth marks in it now, but my wife and I love it. As a matter of fact we bought two more for the rescue we got our Jack Russels from!!
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Recommended: Yes

My Thoughts
Great Product
Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
But head Ron
Close to Portland Or. But Ridgefield Wa.

Great product. Always ensures you have clean water for your dog when they need it while on long walks or the dog park.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Central California

Great Canteen for dog
Lightweight, Good Construction, Easy To Assemble, Easily Cleaned
Nice canteen, cap does not lock shut easily so it leaks, but if you keep it upright or check that it is snapped shut, it works, great
Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Butters Buds
Bloomingdale, IL

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