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When you live in an apartment or have a small breed that does not do well in snow, taking your pup outside to use the bathroom may not be an option. Training your dog to use a litter pan or inside dog potty is an alternative. Dog litter pans are specifically designed for dogs to use. Dog litter is highly absorbent, made out of non-toxic, paper-based pellets that control odor. Inside dog potties allow your dog to use a patch of "grass." Liquids pass through the elevated synthetic grass mat into a tray for easy cleaning. Mats are elevated so your dog does not track wet paws through the house.

Dog Litter Pan House Training Systems

the best
Pros: large enough for several small dogs
Cons: 1
I have several small dogs that I have litter box trained This litter box is perfect for them. I purchased the large litter box and it is the perfect size to accommodate my little dogs. Litter boxes fo...
Pet Park Dog Potty On Sale!
Pet Park Dog Potty
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Tinkle Turf Dog Potty
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Dog Litter Pan House Training Systems
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