Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator

Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator

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Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator is for use in Doggie Dooley systems. It is a super digester powder concentrate that contains bacterial and enzyme cultures to speed up the breakdown of waste and control odors. Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator is recommended for larger dog breeds or multiple dogs.

Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator is for use in the Doggie Dooley Pet Waste Disposal Systems.

Instructions for Use:

  • Add to the Doggie Dooley weekly.
  • One tablespoon per dog per week.
  • Add water each time you add waste.

The Doggie Dooley Waste Terminator is:

  • specially formulated to break down pet waste.
  • environmentally sound.
  • harmless to lawns, pets, shrubs, and trees.
  • non-toxic to humans, animals, and plants.

Each tablespoon of powder contains billions of patented bacterial and enzyme cultures that double every 20-30 minutes when activated. ADD WEEKLY - 1 measuring tablespoon per week per dog. Store with air-tight lid on container to preserve shelf life for up to five years.

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Good Stuff!
Works well
If used as directed, this product functions as it states it will. If you forget or skimp on the enzymes to save $, then you will regret it.
Recommended: Yes
Pittie Mama

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