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SSSCat Spray Kit
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SSSCat Spray Kit

Multivet 14.99
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Spray Kit 43902 KIT19005 26.99 InStock Pets > Cats > Other Supplies 0624834190012
Spray Kit
Refill 43904 REF11217 14.99 InStock Pets > Cats > Other Supplies 0624834112175

SSSCat is an automated spray system that combines Multivet's spray technology and a motion detector to protect indoor areas and objects from pet within a radius of 3 feet. How it Works: The device detects a pet's movement as it approaches an off-limit zone, then releases a brisk harmless spray. The pet will automatically turn away. Once the pet makes the association with the spray, he will stay away. Requires 4 AA batteries (not included).

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It works! Just a few triggered sprays and my 7 cats stay away from my expensive furniture!!
cost-but to save furniture from being ruined-priceless!!
This is the best thing to use! My family and I, when home, would use squirt bottles to scare the cats away from scratching the furniture. I have new furniture that was costly and I wasn't about to let our cats ruin the upholstery. But what do you do when you're not in the room, not home, or you're sleeping?? This absolutely stopped the problem within 2 days!! I only bought one to begin with to see if it was worth it. I am now going to go purchase 4 more to quickly take care of the new drapery, sofa, chairs, family room sofa(what is left of it...)and have told everyone I know that has cats, about this product. Our local cat rescue, The Cat People, were delighted when I told them about this product. They were suggesting ways to stop our cats from scratching the furn., but everything they told me, I was already doing, with little or no success, and I was EXHAUSTED! I told them about SSScat and now they will share with all their contacts. I actually ended up adopting another cat that day since I now how this awful problem kicked, and no declawing, ever!! This is an awesome product! Kudos to the inventor!
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Beginner
Bakersfield, CA

Great Idea, but not reliable
Durable, Easy to Use
Limited Function
Bought one to keep our cat from using the rug as a litter box. Worked fine but the cat quickly figured out the range of the detector and stayed outside the range. We bought 3 more and set up one in each corner, covering the whole rug. The problem is that sometimes they work and sometimes they don't. After 2 weeks the cat had encountered a working spray often enough to deter her behavior. This product is very effective when it works. It just doesn't always work.
Experience with Product: Long-time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Princeton, NJ

Effective but expensive
Good theory, Improves Behavior
Doesn't last long, Limited Function, No long term training
At [$] per 200 sprays, if used in a high traffic area this is an expensive temporary solution. If your pet has soiled the area before, then it really doesn't work permanently.
Experience with Product: Long-time Pet Owner
Recommended: No

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