Cat & Kitten Repellent

Cat & Kitten Repellent

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Cat & Kitten Repellent
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Need some help breaking your cat or kitten of undesirable habit, such as sleeping on furniture and rugs, or to keep out of certain areas? Four Paws Cat and Kitten Repellent along with consistent training will help your pet learn where they are not allowed to sleep or lay. Will repel cats and kittens for up to 24 hours with one application. Good for indoor and outdoor use.

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It works!
Easy to use, Pleasant herbal aroma
Can is too small
Almost daily, one of my small herd of cats would pee on my washer or dryer. I sprayed the top surfaces with Keep-Off and it solved the problem. Oddly, it lasted much longer than I figured, 2+ weeks aparently, and I only had a problem again after I cleaned the tops with a spray disinfectant cleaner. I re-applied the spray and fixed it. Into third week right now. Great stuff! Thanks.
Recommended: Yes
South Texas

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