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  • Metal Walk-Thru Dog Gate in Packaging
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Metal Walk-Thru Dog Gate

Description In Stock Item Number Price Quantity
30" - 34"w x 30"h
57010 045663570101 Pets > Dogs > Other Supplies
30" - 34"w x 41"h
57015 045663570156 Pets > Dogs > Other Supplies
35 3/4"-39 3/4" W x 36" H
57012 045663570125 Pets > Dogs > Other Supplies


Tough non-chewable steel constructed gate restricts your pet to designated areas. The swinging panel locks securely in place and is easily released by lifting the handle. Pressure mounting leaves no damage to walls or doorframe. Slats are spaced 2.5" apart. All gates are Ecru color.

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What a Difference !
Good Construction, Stows Easily, Easily Cleaned, Lightweight, Stands up to, Easy To Assemble, Nice looking
This Walk-Thru gate is amazing. Here at Fox Glen Kennels we are used to having all our dogs swarming around us as we try to prepare supper. Our Silken Windhounds are quite well behaved but in a heartbeat would "counter-surf" if we were not around. This gate enables us to not be in the middle of a swirling mass of dogs while we are enjoying meal preperation. The gate instlled so easily and is quite easy to open and close. It is very adjustable and has nice clean lines so it doesn't stand out and look utilitarian ... it blends nicely. We've had it for three days now and already the dogs are respecting this border. Silken Windhounds are known to easily jump a 6' fence but they understand that this gate means "No Dogs Allowed". This surely beats trying to use a squirt gun every time a dog enters our kitchen. I'll be oredering another soon. Thank you.
Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Fox Glen Kennels
Loveland, Ohio

This gate works perfect.
Durable, Easy to open
This gate is perfect because it keeps our dog out of our infant's bedroom, but allows us easy access by simply pushing the lever and walking through. We can close it easily and quickly so "Raven" doesn't follow us in!
Recommended: Yes

Sturdy Gate
Stows Easily, Lightweight, Good Construction, Easy To Assemble, Easily Cleaned
This is a nice, sturdy, and tall gate. It works well with a large or small dog.
Experience with Product: New Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Happy Pet Owner

Great product & price
Good Construction, Lightweight, Easily Cleaned, Stows Easily, Easy To Assemble, Opens easily
Easy to trip over
This gate is wonderful. The only thing that could be improved on is the bar across the bottom that is stationary even when the gate is opened. It's taking time to remember it's there when we walk thru. On the good side, I only tripped once but didn't hurt myself. Other than this,it's great and I'd buy it again no matter what!!!
Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Dog mom Joyce
Peoria, AZ

opens, slats, tall, price
needs reinforcement, closing the door needs a little help
I purchased the METAL WALK-THRU GATE (30"-34" W X 41" H). It is very nice looking. Nice to be able to open the door instead of going over the gate. Also nice that it has the frame slates instead of the accordion or mesh type. My one dog can actually climb up and over the mesh or accordian types. This one she can't get over! These are the only problems I saw. I have german shepherds. That is why I got a higher gate. They don't jump up on the gate often unless a guest is in the house and they want to see who it is. Due to the lack of reinforcement on the mounting leaves it would fall off the wall onto the ground. It secures to both ends of the wall, but it is not strong it is wobbly due to the way they made the mounting leaves. They should have put more reinforcement for the mounting to make it hold up better if it was pushed on. If a child or dog pushed with a little force it would fall over. If you stood next to it and put your back against it, or your hand and let your weight go to that side it would fall over. We thought that was not safe for our family. What we had to do was put two nails drilled into our walls on both sides of the mounting to keep it from being able to be tipped over. The bottom mounting leaves are fine and sturdy. We did not have to drill any nails by them. The top ones are the ones that are wobbly. I would suggest doing this if you have children. You don't want them grabbing the gate, the gate falls, the child falls and now someone got hurt. Also if your dogs occasionally jump up they can also hurt themself or whoever is on the other side at the time of the jump. If you have no children or your dogs don't jump up on the gate to see who is in the other room when you have guests, then just remember not to put major pressure on your gate or you and the gate are going to fall down! One last thing. The handle opens easily it is wonderful! To close it however you have to tap it in. It is not just an easy put it back it falls in place. You need to work it a little to get back into the lock position. Still at this price you can't beat it! I checked other sites and this is by far the best priced gate that lets you walk through it. Just reinforce the top mounting and your good to go! Maybe if you have a smaller doorway it will not be a problem at all. Our doorway was measured before purchase and we have enough room for it to fit. We have a regular size doorway like most homes. Just incase someone thinks we got one too small for our doorway we did not.
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Expert

swings easily looks good
most is metal (great) but the few plastic pieces are weak and can break easily
I love this gate! I just wish, and I would be willing to pay more, the plastic parts were made of a hard rubber that does not break.
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate

Works well
Easy To Assemble
This gate works well to keep our dog out of our bedroom. It's a bit tall for the size of the metal used for the vertical bars - it can easily be bent during installation if you aren't careful. It holds up decently, though if you were to push on it, it would certainly give.
Experience with Product: Long-Time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Phoenix, AZ

metal, looks okay
I was looking for something that would keep a jumping dog in, and this looked pretty good. Honestly, this gate is a piece of junk. My doorway is 34 inches...this is at the very limit of the screws, and they just pop out at that length. So i bought some wood to act as a buffer. Problem is, if you tighten the top screws enough to prevent the gate from falling over, it presses the clasp against its slot and you can't open or close it. So you can only screw the grips so far for the gate to function, and you can literally push the gate over with almost no effort. Completely useless, don't waste your time.
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month

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