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Plastic Bottle

Lixit 5.99
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10 oz. O6329 BB-10 5.99 InStock Pets > Birds > Food & Health Care http://www.petsolutions.com/images/products/76700970.jpg 0076711009700
10 oz.

Lixit Plastic Bottles prevent spillage and reduce contamination. Never any slime, food, feathers, or droppings in the drinking water. The bottles are easy to install, and they fit most cages or bird travel carriers. Satinless steel tube. Excellent for finches, canaries, parakeets, cockatiels and other small birds.

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Excellent for little birds!
No poo, feathers etc in the water
You must provide baths for them :) and keep out of the sun.
I love these bottles and have had several small birds that have used them. Eliminates alot of dish clean up!. If your cage is by a window make sure that the bottle is not in the sun as the clear bottles will grow algee in the clip area of the bottle which is hard to get out. Rarely develops leaks and when they do it's from the age of the bottle and not product defects. Love these and will continue using them. Haven't found a better solution for watering my finches, canaries, parakeets or lovebirds.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Spokane, WA

perfect for canaries/finches; easy to clean, simple to attach to cage. Holds enough water for several days ( if absolutely necessary

Perfect for "backpack" travel cages
Doesn't leak or spill, Lightweight, Suits backpack-type cages
If you own one of the backpack bird carriers, you know one drawback is that you can't attach a water bottle or use a water cup while walking around with your bird, unless you're looking to get wet. Before I found the small plastic water bottle, I didn't feel right having my amazon out in it for several hours. On my carrier, the bottle fits on the back of the cage when the "window shade" is rolled up. It sits rather low, but my amazon has managed well with it, even though she doesn't prefer using a bottle waterer in her main cage.
Recommended: Yes
Hamburg, NY

No more dirty water, No leakage, Easy to clean and fill, Easy Installment
None so far
This product is very helpful. I have 6 parakeets and they always make a huge mess in their water and I have to constantly change it. With this I no longer have to keep changing it and there's always clean water available for them. It don't take them long for them to learn how to use it either (make sure that they know how to use it before taking their water cups away). I've brought two of these bottles. I'm going on vacation soon and with this I know that that'll have enough water to last them until I get back. Installment is pretty easy to put together for the most part but it will be alittle difficult to install on horizontal wire cages, though.
Recommended: Yes

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