Quiko Bio Moulting

Quiko Bio Moulting

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Quiko Bio Moulting


Quiko Bio Moulting is a concentrated vitamin and mineral supplement with an extra boost of Biotin and amino acids, Lysine and methionine which are beneficial to birds in moult. This protein enriched supplement encourages the healthy growth and development of smooth and glossy feathers in both adult and young, developing birds. Powdered Bio is water soluble, and stays in solution to stabilize nutrient intake and support overall health and well being.

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Great for feathers
Effective, Gentle, Easy To Use
This is a great supplement for both molting birds and feather pluckers. I've noticed some improvement on birds that are destructive to their feathers. I give this seasonally to my birds when every they start to molt and stop use after molting season is over. It easily mixes into birds water or can be sprinkled over food.
Experience with Product: Long-time Pet Owner
Recommended: Yes
Tyler, TX

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