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Vision Bird Bath

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Vision Bird Bath

The Vision Bird Bath fits easily onto your bird's cage. The enclosed hood provides privacy, contains splashing, and protects your bird from drafts. The base is textured to provide your pet with a sure grip. Measures 6" x 5 1/2" x 5". Fits on Vision small wire cages and other standard wire bird cages.

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Outstanding product!
Keeps cage clean
Horizontal hanging
I have these in all my finch cages and they work great! One for food, one for water. Finches bathe daily, and are messy eaters. These dishes allow the bird to go all the way in and either have a bath or throw seed all over - almost everything stays inside the dish. They're super easy to clean, too. The only con is the hanger- a small plastic clip on the back that I wouldn't trust to hold it, and it only works with horizontal bars. No problem for me, though - my cages are large and I just put them on the floor. All in all, an excellent value.
Recommended: Yes

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