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  • Marina Betta Aquarium Kits
  • Marina Betta Kits Skull
  • Marina Betta Kits Fireworks
  • Marina Betta Kits Wild Things
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Marina Betta Aquarium Kits

Marina 13.99
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Geo Bubbles

The Marina Betta Aquarium Kits are 1/2 gallon Betta fish tanks that offer a great piece of tranquility for the office or home. Each aquarium kit comes complete with a plastic fish tank, decorative background, gravel, Betta fish food, and water conditioner.

  • Skull comes with a white frame and white gravel.
  • Geo Bubbles comes with a white frame and blue gravel.
  • Wild Things comes with a black frame and black gravel.
  • Fireworks comes with a white frame and natural colored gravel.

Customer Reviews for Marina Betta Aquarium Kits
Average Customer Rating (5 Reviews)
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small, easy to care for.
the bottom zen garden...
I love my tank. small and compact, looks great on my desk at work. I used the small stones, until I went to clean it. I was worried they would scratch the plastic so I replaced them with big stones, and a plant. looks nice and my fish has been very happy for months now...
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Oley PA

Great decorative betta tank for desk
modern appearance, great size for desk
flimsy background
I like this item! These are small enough to fit on a desk, yet enough room for the betta to swim around. Overall I really like these tanks. The only thing I do not like is that the design behind the tank is semi flimsy and the water from the tank can damage it somewhat, so extra careful when changing out the water. I also like the water conditioner that is included! But my fish would not eat the flakes that came with the kit, but he is a picky one!
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Beginner
Recommended: Yes

Looks good
Water clouds up quickly; Fish escapes
This little tank looked very nice on my counter top, and my Betta seemed to really enjoy it. I did notice that the water became dirty/cloudy very quickly, requiring it to be cleaned pretty often. Also, BE SURE to put some type of cover over the opening on the top - I forgot to leave the makeshift cover on one day while I was at work, and my little buddy Alpha tried to make a break for it. Suffice to say, he didn't make it very far.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Milwaukee, WI

Pretty, easy, complete kit, decent size
open top, small for males, food
We purchased the Contemporary one and the picture on the box was misleading because the gravel and rocks both seemed to be different colours. So Ii purchased some replacement Marina "Red" betta kit gravel and it looks so good! The marina gravel matches much better than the included gravel and rocks. The food is a small packet of flakes, which cloud your water. The conditioner is good, but runs out quickly. Its really cute looking and is very different than the tradtional betta bowl, but the open top worries me becasue betta can jump out. Comes in 4 types that I've seen and theres several additions to buy like the bamboo. Overall this is a very nice small economical kit!
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Denver, CO

Not enough room. do not buy.
to small. no cap.
this wasn't designed for betta's. It's an overpriced 1/2 gallon jar. You will learn soon enough but betta's require 5 gallon (Minimum!) heated homes. I would get a 50w aqueon pro, 10g glass tank, aqueon 10 filter, 10lbs gravel, some decor, 10g glass tank, and divider and walla you have a SAFE (unlike this one) home for your betta. remember a lid!
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes
san jose

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