CO2 Pro System

CO2 Pro System


The Pro System is designed to maintain CO2 levels in planted aquariums up to 130 gallons. The CO2 Pro Systems contain a Bubble Counter with integrated check valve, real time CO2 monitor with CO2 indicator regent, 9 1/2' CO2 Tubing, high precision in-line needle valve, dual gauge with adjustable safety regulator, and a CO2 reactor that dissolves 180 bubbles per minute. Can be used with "paintball" cylinders or standard cylinders. Cylinders not included.

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Really great for your live plants, most of the system can be hidden, easy set up
having to turn it off at night, have to trim plants regularly (a good problem)
This system is great! It has made a huge difference for my live plants. They have realy never looked better. Have not lost any plants sense I installed the system. The set-up was pretty easy for my Oceanic Biocube 29. You use regular paint ball equipment so you can get refills at most sporting-good stores. (about $5) One 24 oz refill has been lasting me about a month. Most of the equipment can be hidden out of sight so it won't clutter up your area. Quiet operation.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Ken L
San Antonio, Tx

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