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Marineland Reef LED Strip Lights
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Marineland Reef LED Strip Lights

Marineland 119.99
Description In Stock Item Number Price Quantity
18" (expands to 24") 9501549 ML90620 119.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies 0047431906204
18" (expands to 24")
24" (expands to 36") 9501550 ML90621 189.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies 0047431906211
24" (expands to 36")
36" (expands to 48") 9501551 ML90622 229.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies 0047431906228
36" (expands to 48")
48" (expands to 60") 9501552 ML90623 289.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies 0047431906235
48" (expands to 60")

Marineland Reef LED Strip Lights provide the ultimate opportunity to create your own realistic underwater home aquarium environment. The all-new line of LED aquarium lights upgrades the popular Marineland Reef Capable LED Lighting System, as the Reef LED Strip Lights are 20% brighter and designed for reliable, long-term performance. Both the White LEDs and Actinic/Blue LEDs provide the correct spectral output for coral growth, and the Marineland Reef LED Strip Light boasts 10-year lifetime hours (under normal operation). There is also a built-in, easy-to-operate digital timer, so you can have maximum control over the 1 Watt 14,000¦K white Daylight LEDs and powerful 460nm Actinic/Blue LEDs with custom 24-hour lighting sequences. The timer comes pre-programmed for use right out of the box to simplify use, or you can custom program the light unit for reliable, scheduled LED reef lighting. In addition, the Marineland Reef LED Strip Light has a 6' low-voltage power cord and adjustable mounting legs for flexibility in fitting various aquarium widths. 1 Watt LEDs. Aluminum lighting housing. Ideal for saltwater fish aquariums. Optimized for marine reef aquariums - use multiple light fixtures based on your reef illumination needs.

Size Expands to White LEDs Blue LEDs Total Watts Lumens
18" 24" 18 3 32.3 2040
24" 36" 23 4 41 2720
36" 48" 36 6 62.5 4080
48" 60" 46 8 80.8 5220

Customer Reviews for Marineland Reef LED Strip Lights
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great light
very bright
The marineland reef light is very good. Very bright and my corals and fish respond very well to it. The timer is excellent. It replicates the sunlight of a true reef. Corals are growing at a very good pace. It is also a relatively cool LED light. Only downside is with any powerful lighting there will be algae growth which can sometimes be a good thing.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes

Rusty Support Bars after 9 months of service
Quality of light and ease of operation are great. Controller and timer work well.
Suspension bars are badly rusted
I am very pleased with the overall performance of this unit except for one major flaw. The adjustable suspension bars on either side of the light unit are covered with rust. I am afraid that the rust may eventually leech into water, causing harm to my marine inhabitants. I am afraid to repaint it because of fears that the paint itself may be toxic. Considering the use of this product over saltwater, I would think that the legs would better withstand the corrosive qualities of saltwater.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: No
Birmingham, AL

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