Marineland LED Strip Lights
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Marineland LED Strip Lights

Marineland 39.99 18" (expands to 24")47490612ML9061204743190612924" (expands to 36")47490613ML9061304743190613636" (expands to 48")47490614ML9061404743190614348" (expands to 60")47490615ML90615047431906150
Description In Stock Item Number Price Quantity
39.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies
18" (expands to 24")
59.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies
24" (expands to 36")
69.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies
36" (expands to 48")
89.99 InStock Pets > Fish > Other Supplies
48" (expands to 60")


Marineland LED Strip Lights provide the ultimate opportunity to create your own realistic underwater home aquarium environment. The all-new line of LED aquarium lights are a smart alternative to conventional fluorescent fixtures, as the LED Strip Lights are 20% brighter and designed for reliable, long-term performance. The LED strip light provides brighter output than a typical single lamp fluorescent fixture. It is also energy efficient, and the Marineland LED Strip Light boasts 5-year lifetime hours (under normal operation). There is also a three-mode ON/OFF switch so you can have maximum control over the 7800¦K white Daylight LEDs and 460nm Actinic/Blue LEDs. Choose Daylight, Lunar, or Off positions so you can enjoy the crisp light and shimmering effects. In addition, the Marineland LED Strip Light has a 6' low-voltage power cord and adjustable mounting legs for flexibility in fitting various aquarium widths. 0.06 Watt LEDs. Plastic lighting housing. Ideal for freshwater aquariums, as well as an accent in freshwater or saltwater aquariums.

Size Expands to Total Watts Lumens
18" 24" 5 234
24" 36" 6.8 351
36" 48" 8.5 468
48" 60" 12 702

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