Marineland LED Aquarium Lights

Marineland LED Aquarium Lights

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11" x 4"
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Marineland LED Light is a high quality fixture that mimics an underwater effect of sunlight with its natural shimmer of LED lights. It contains 42 white LEDs, 3 blue LEDs and 4 rubber bumpers to reduce the fixture from moving on the glass canopy. The light is energy efficient, consuming only 3.8 watts of power. This light is ideal for aquariums up to 30" long, as well as low-to-medium light planted aquariums. For all small freshwater and marine aquariums. Measures 11" x 4".

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  • LED day light and night light modes
  • Rubberized feet
  • Fits aquariums up to 30" long
  • Long-lasting LEDs and low voltage adapter
  • One-year performance warranty


  • Enjoyment of different looks; shimmering effect
  • Stable on the glass canopy
  • Versatile. Use on a variety of tank sizes
  • Energy efficient, no mercury and high quality of light
  • Quality assurance

PAR/LUX - 990

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Great aquarium light!
great lighting, reliable
I bought this light for my turtles about a year ago. It has a regular light mode, and a night mode with blue LEDs so your pets can rest. I tend to leave it in night mode 24/7, since the tank is by a window and they have natural light during the day. I've had this light on ALL THE TIME for almost a year now and it's never so much as felt warm, let alone burned out. The light mode is very bright and clear for such a small unit, and the night mode is very cool looking. Overall very happy with it!
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Len Pal

Ideal for edge aquarium
Night or day moods
This light is ideal to add light to the fluval edge aquarium. I used this and 2-mr11 bulbs in place of the hallogens that came with the edge aquarium. WoW! makes a difference and the water doesn't overheat.
Recommended: Yes
Washington, missouri

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