Aqueon Versa-Tops Aquarium CanopiesAqueon Versa-TopsAqueon Versa-Tops - 36" x 18"Aqueon Versa-Tops - 72" x 18"
  • Aqueon Versa-Tops Aquarium Canopies
  • Aqueon Versa-Tops
  • Aqueon Versa-Tops - 36" x 18"
  • Aqueon Versa-Tops - 72" x 18"
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Aqueon Versa-Tops Aquarium Canopies

Description Item Number Price Quantity
29016 015905290166
29020 015905290203
29024 015905290241
29030 015905290302
29036 015905290364
36" x 18"
29051 015905290517
48" x 18"
29071 015905290715
72" x 18"
29101 015905291019


Strong and durable glass canopy keeps fish in and dust and debris out of your aquarium. Helps reduce evaporation. Includes hinge, handle, and plastic back strip. Strip adds 1 5/8" to overall depth.

Item # Tank Size Glass Dimensions
15929016 5.5 gal. 15 3/16" x 5 7/8"
15929020 10 gal. 19 3/8" x 7 7/8"
15929024 15/20 high 23 1/8" x 9 5/8" (2 needed for a 55 gallon with a center brace)
15929030 20 long/29 gal. 29 1/8" x 9 5/8"
15929036 30/38/45 35 1/16" x 9 5/8"
15929051 36" x 18" 16.75" x 14.25", 2 sections
15929071 75/90 gal. 22 1/16" x 14.25", 2 sections
15929101 125/150 gal. 22 1/16" x 14.25", 3 sections

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Customer Reviews for Aqueon Versa-Tops Aquarium Canopies
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Perfect for 40 Gallon Breeder Aquairums with no cross bar.
Thick Glass and solid.
It arrived un broken! This is a big differance than what I was getting with Amazon. This is my third one I orderd.. the frist two were from Amazon and they were broken. Petsolutions actually packed this well enough to make to my home. Sweet!
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Recommended: Yes
Thatcher Utah

Great purchase, would buy again
Thick, durable glass and construction
Black plastic strip blocks light from the exact middle of the tank
The 40 breeder glass top was near impossible to find on amazon and other sites, oddly enough I came across it for sale from pet solutions on Newegg, and ordered it right away. The pricing was pretty good, with the total at $33 shipped to my door. I live pretty close to pet solutions warehouse and got my package within 2 business days. I will definitely check back here if I have another aquarium need!
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes

40 Breader - perfect fit great proce
Great price, fits Aqueon 40 breeder
Can't think of any
Item 15929040 is a perfect fit for Aqueon 40 breeder tank, (36x18 opening with no cross brace). For some reason I had a hard time finding a cover for the Aqueon 40 breeder tank. Some sites asked as much as $100 for one. Thank goodness for Pet Solutions. Great price, perfect fit, real fast delivery.
Recommended: Yes

fit perfect.
fit perfect, excellent price
plastic piece is a bitch
i ordered the aqueon versa-top cause i could not find a hood to fit a 40 gallon breeder, pet solutions had an excellent price, the glass part of the top fits absoluty perfect, could not ask for a better fit, the little plastic piece on the back is kinda of a pain, it just doesn't go on well and it is so thick, it's hard to cut, but overall, i would order this again in a heartbeat.
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Beginner
Recommended: Yes

Perfect fit
None that I can say....
I FINALLY replaced my old plastic top for my 90 gal saltwater tank. I was a little skeptical at first when I ordered it, but they fit PERFECTLY and make the tank brighter as the old black plastic ones are gone, so it lets more light from my double light strip in. Would def recommend this if you are thinking about replacing your old plastic ones...
Experience with Product: Less than 1 month
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Westchester County, New York

Nice invisible top
Durable, Easy to Use, Effective, Good Value
We really like these. We had to get two because of our fish tank set up. I really like them because it looks like we don't have a top on the tank and I can look down to see more of the back side of the tank when I want too. Makes it easy to see my fry that also stays at the very top.
Experience with Product: Experienced Aquarist
Recommended: Yes
Roxie Foxie
Madison, AL

Great Product, Great Price.
Easy to Use, Durable, Good Value
Can see your fish from the top of the aquarium. Handle makes it easy to feed the fish because of the special hinge on the glass.
Experience with Product: Experienced Aquarist
Recommended: Yes
fish keeper

Glad I bought it!
Effective, Easy to Use, Safe, Good Value, Durable
The back panel was a little difficult to attach but once on and cut to fit filter it worked perfect. I had used plexiglass for years and our fish being of large size would bump it causing water to splash out. Sometimes as far as five feet. Best purchase I ever made!
Recommended: Yes
Deland, FL

Good Quality Product
Easy to Use, Safe, Effective, Good Value, Durable
These are the best on the market.
Experience with Product: Experienced Aquarist
Recommended: Yes
Floyd R. Turbo
Protem, Mo

keeps done evaporation
hinge breaks
Excellent top for aquariums. However the plastic hinge breaks easily and needs replacement every 3-4 months depending on usage.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Expert
Green Bay, WI

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