Cobalt Mini-Therm Fish Tank Heaters

Cobalt Mini-Therm Fish Tank Heaters

Description Item Number Price Quantity
Mini-Therm 5
31020 847852002222
Mini-Therm 10
31021 847852002239
Mini-Therm 20
31022 847852002246


PetSolutions is a Cobalt Aquatics Authorized RetailerCobalt Mini-Therm Fish Tank Heaters are fully submersible, compact aquarium heaters made of shatterproof thermal-plastic polymer casing. It features a continuous "on" design with an internal ceramic radiator that provides even heat distribution to aquariums up to 5 gallons. Mini-Therm Fish Tank Heaters can increase the temperature of small aquariums up to 10ºF.

Model Watts Aquarium Size
Mini-Therm 5 5W 1.2 gallons
Mini-Therm 10 10W 2.4 gallons
Mini-Therm 20 20W 4.8 gallons

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