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  • Fluval G Aquarium Canister Filters
  • Fluval G Canister Filters
  • Fluval G Canister Filters Multi-Shot
  • Fluval G Canister Filters included parts
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Fluval G Aquarium Canister Filters

Description In Stock Item Number Price Quantity
Fluval G3
A410 015561104104 Pets > Fish > Filters, Pumps & Heaters
Fluval G6
A412 015561104128 Pets > Fish > Filters, Pumps & Heaters


The Fluval G Filters bring canister filters to the next level. The styling is very sleek and modern, nothing like traditional canisters. The heavy duty construction and the chrome finish are sure signs of the quality of this filter. The major difference in the Fluval G design is the use of two cylinder filter cartridges, one mechanical and one chemical, that can be easily changed without having to open up the entire canister or even turn it off. Simply engage the AquaStop lever and then twist to unlock and lift the cartridges out of the canister body for cleaning. The G series also has 2 (Fluval G3) or 3 (Fluval G6) media trays for biological media that can be accessed by removing the motor head, but this would need to be done very infrequently. The biggest innovation is the addition of a control panel using their new HydroTech system that will give read outs of:

  • Time since Mechanical Cartridge was changed
  • Time since the Chemical Cartridge was changed
  • Water flow rate
  • Temperature reading
  • Conductivity/Salinity reading
  • Low flow Alarm
  • Temperature Alarm

Both the temperature and conductivity sensors in the FLuval G Filters allow you to make a set point and will display an alarm if the range varies too much from your set point. You can also get a graph of recent levels over the previous few days.

Whether you choose the Fluval G3 or Fluval G6 filter, you will also get a carbon cartridge, mechanical prefilter, and biological media.

Overall, the Fluval G filters look like a canister that will offer form and function and might be the first canister filter that you want to place outside of the cabinet just to look at!

Model GPH Dimensions Aquariums Size
G3 185 10"D x 9 1/2"W x 9"H Up to 80 gallons
G6 265 10"D x 9 1/2"W x 12"H Up to 160 gallons

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Customer Reviews for Fluval G Aquarium Canister Filters
Average Customer Rating (7 Reviews)
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Happy Discus
Easy to use
This product is very quiet running and does a great job keeping my discus happy!
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Abilene Tx

Lo mejor en filtros - Best in filters
Muy eficiente y de fácil mantenimiento - Very efficient and easy to maintain
Mantiene el agua cristalina por su eficiencia. Hace más de un año que lo tengo y ha sido muy facil su mantenimiento. Nunca presenta fallos. Maintains clear water because it is very efficient. More than a year that I have it and it was very easy maintenance. Never has bugs.
Experience with Product: More than 1 year
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
Colombia - Medellin

Great filter, that I got at a good price. Keeps water very clean and works very quietly. Most of all very easy to set-up and maintain.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes
New York

fluval G-6
ease of operation.quality components.3 filter trays.
after 4 months with no problems.took apart for cleaning.replaced bio material with matrex changed chemical filter to purigen.always use cemipure in my cannister filters.put in one bag on middel tray.covered with matrex.now its a super filter.love it....max
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: Yes

Best filter I'ver ever Used
Durable, Needs Little Upkeep, Easy To Clean, Quiet, Effective
While I am NOT an expert I am experienced in that I have been keeping fish for 18 years. I purchased this filter because the Magnun H.O.T I was using was not filtering to my standards and was extremely noisy. I decided to purchase the G6 for my aquarium, even though it was overkill on a 55 gal, because it was only $70 more than the G3. Setup took 1 hour start to finish. Instructions were perfect. Within 20 mins of setup, my aquarium was crystal clear. The machine is almost perfectly silent. There is very little noise, most of which is coming from the way I have the water ejectors angled. Only took 3 presses to prime the machine. The LED is a wonderful addition. Showed me that the heater I was using was miscalibrated by 4 degrees. So instead of 78, it was actually 82. OUCH! The conductivity has proven to be a good addition as well. At first I was wondering why I would use it but I have discovered that my tap water has a conductivity of 320. When the conductivity approached 420, I do a water change getting it back down to around 350. Excellent indicator of ions in the water. Customizable alarms is also a great feature. The only con thus far is the cost. In the last 5 years I had purchased the H.O.T and 2 other hang on back filters that added up to around $200 so I fiugured I may as well buy one that was worth the cash. SO glad I did.
Experience with Product: Casual Fish Keeper
Recommended: Yes

Mini Sump Extrodinaire
Durable, Great bio filter, Needs Little Upkeep, Quiet, Easy To Clean, Effective
Need additional filter, Can't be used on its own, Clogs Easily
A great bio filter when you don't have room for a sump
Experience with Product: Experienced Aquarist
Recommended: Yes
Girl Friday
Kamloops, BC

Don't get sucked in
nice interface
doesn't work as advertised
If you have more than 20" from top of filter to top of tank.... you'll have nothing but problems, I have had a new one sent out from Hagen(distributor in USA) and every 3-4 days the flow grinds to 0, wish I had bought anything else. The new one was no different. AGAIN anything else would work better.
Experience with Product: 1-12 months
Experience in Hobby: Intermediate
Recommended: No
So. Cal

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