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Pigeon Blood Discus

Pigeon Blood Discus

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Scientific Name: Symphysodon discus
Ease of Care: Moderate
Approximate Full Size: 10 inches
Native Region: South America
Temperament: Semi-Aggressive
Diet: Carnivore

As the name implies, the body of the Pigeon Blood Discus is disc shaped with full dorsal and anal fins reaching to the tail. The body can reach to 8 to 10 inches in diameter. In the wild, Pigeon Blood Discus are found in very soft, acidic (ph< 7.0) water and prefer to live among the submerged roots. In the home aquarium you need to provide plenty of cover. Juvenile Pigeon Blood Discus can tolerate large schools while the adults may start to pair off and defend territories. Discus are rather intolerant of poor water quality, so regular partial water changes must be made and proper filtration maintained at all times. When under stress, most Discus will turn very dark and may clamp their fins and refuse to eat.

Buying Discus for the first time?

Check out our "Starting with a Discus Tank for the First Time" Blog Article for tips, the proper way to cycle your tank, equipment, and suggestions to be successful!

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